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The Sixth
BSO Retiree's Reunion
May 15th 2015 Was a Great Time Shared by Almost 100 Attendees 

The Guests included Retirees and Their Guests


Hello Members,

Celebrating 100 years of the Broward Sheriff's Office
The event of the year was a great time with drinks, dinner and a little entertainment.  The guests represented many different generations and areas within the Sheriff's Office, some who haven't seen each other in years. Prizes were awarded for most people remembered in the photographs and of course door prizes were raffled off including two all day tickets to the Walt Disney World Parks.
That said, the best part was seeing old friends and catching up on current events which everyone did. Pictures coming soon!
Well the next one is looking for a location, the board would love to move this upstate to get more of those out of county retirees! If you have a site please let us know your suggestions.

The Board 

“To Help Those in Time of Need, Especially Our Own”

More Photos in Retiree News



2014 was an active year for BSORA, with many of you concerned about your Health plans. Once again, we were able to acquire the expert assistance of  Liz Martorella at lmartorella@comcast.net or 561-434-6534. 

She made an excellent presentation at the 2014 General Meeting on Medicare supplements, Affordable Care Act, and the important decision on continuing with your present provider.  This is extremely important for us all and not one to be taken lightly or quickly.  In addition, if you need any assistance with your Coventry plan, contact Elizabeth Parker, BSO Employee Benefits Manager, at Elizabeth_Parker@sheriff.org or 954-831-8357, Fax:  954-321-4541.  

Another important decision we must make is planning our estate, since no one can predict the future.  We are fortunate to have access to an outstanding Attorney who specializes in Estate Planning, including Revocable “Living” Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney and much more. Her name is Mary Beth Crawford and her contact information is mcrawford@cl-law.com or 239-390-8062.  


Many members are interested in firearms qualification for the HR 218, concealed carry law. Contact was made with Range Master Sgt. Robert Chenoweth.  He advised all the necessary information regarding qualification dates, etc. are on the BSO website www.sheriff.org, in the administration section and, it is our understanding, free for BSO retirees.  However, some paperwork requires notarization, so make sure you review the site or contact him via the BSO website to answer any questions.


Reminder:  Your 2015 annual dues were due by the end of March so if you haven't sent them in you're way past due.  Please consider joining us so we can help our own in the coming year.  Your dues help us give to members in need and fund the College Scholarship. This was a wish of Ziggy the founder of our association and we have now awarded 7 scholarships and given to many other charities and BSO families. Won't you join us so we can help others?

Please send your $20.00, per BSO FAMILY  to:


P. O. BOX 494727



We wish you a Healthy and Happy Year,

John Lawless, President

Dennis Creamer, 1st Vice President

George Ferguson, 2nd Vice President

Eileen Forrester, Secretary-Treasurer

Carol Sclar, Recording Secretary

Janice Creamer, Media & Social Coordinator


Dear Members,

We are always looking for memories!  Please send that special picture by email to 2ndvp+photo@bsoretirees.com.  These pictures may be show to the world so pick accordingly, they will be posted to the site and shown at the upcoming meetings for the organization. 
If you have that perfect picture but can't scan it, mail it to above and we'll work something out.

Thanks in advance
BSORA Board of Directors
Our Association, granted IRS exemption under 501 (c) (3), was established as a not-for-profit organization.  Under guidelines set to allow for this, our objectives are: 1.    Promote the general welfare of our retirees. 2. Promote law enforcement, respect for authority and suppression of criminal activity. 3.  To assist in the development and implementation of crime prevention programs. 4.    To assist persons in need. 5.    To provide educational scholarships. 6.    To encourage tolerance of every kinds. 7.    To cooperate with civic organizations and promote such civic, charitable and educational undertakings as this Association shall deem proper. All honorably retired and DROP members of the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO), regardless of sworn or civilian status, are eligible to become members, and they are more than welcome to do so.  There is no rank structure in being a retiree, and there are no structures within our organization. Being somewhat unique in having many of our members in different parts of the State and Country, the advent of electronic communication through the use of emails, etc., makes everyone only minutes away in one manner or another.  Committees will be necessary to form and require Chairmanship.  We will have many upcoming business/social meetings, to address the official needs of our members.  We would like to see as many that want to get involved, do so.  The BSORA can only be as strong and as noticed as you want it to be!!
   Become part of it and help make us grow into a professional, recognized association.  
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In this area, you can enter your contact and employment information so we can start you on the way to membership. Membership is $20.00 a year and can be sent to the PO Box 494727 in Port Charlotte Fl 33949 Please make payable to BSORA.

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John Lawless

1st VP
Dennis Creamer

2nd VP
George Ferguson

Eileen Forrester

Carol Sclar

Janice Creamer

Pastor Jake Brey
Ziggy Zablocki

Check out Benefits section for breaking news on Healthcare issues!

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Bob Baton

Need to qualify for firearms carry? Open hr 218 forms above.